New Heads For New People is a show about Science in culture.

We tell stories about all the ways we talk about science in the news, movies, politics, and history, and how that shapes how we think about and do science. 



Jackie Sojico

Jackie is a radio producer and illustrator in Oakland, CA.  Her radio stories have been featured on BackStory Radio, KQED's QUEST, and Harvest Public Media. She used to be a facilitator for StoryCorps, a youth radio teacher, and a reporter at Nebraska Public Radio. She wishes she was better at puns. You can find more of her radio and illustration work at




Malcolm Rosenthal

Malcolm is a biologist who studies the evolution of animal communication. Currently he is a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley, studying the transmission of vibrations through spider webs. Previously, he studied mating behavior in a variety of spiders as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto-Scarborough. His doctoral research, conducted at the University of Nebraska, was on the songs and dances of wolf spiders, which he has been known to imitate at parties.