Episode 8: Gray Areas

Do fossils have a value? They're valuable to scientists, and they bring people to museums. But are they worth money? That turns out to be a really big question, and this week we try to look at one way of addressing it.

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You can see some of the fossils we saw for sale at Jim Lovisek's store on his website Fossil Realm. Brian Switek's writes at Laelaps, which just moved to Scientific American from National Geographic, so there's only a few posts there. But National Geographic has his older posts archived, and they're worth checking out as well.

The story of Sue the T-Rex has been told in a bunch of different places. Most recently is the documentary Dinosaur 13 (available on Netflix in the US, but not in Canada), which is in turn based on a book by Peter Larson, Rex Appeal. And if you're interested in another take on that story, Brian Switek wrote a blog post about Sue in response to the movie.

Sue is also on Twitter. We've always wondered how she can type and see the screen at the same time. 

Music in this episode was composed by Malcolm Rosenthal. Artwork was drawn by Jackie Sojico.