Episode 9: It's Complicated

This week, we revisit some of our interviews from episode 8, and explore two topics we didn't have a chance to cover last time.

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The story of the fish fossil in the riverbed that we mentioned comes from this article by the University of Portsmouth paleontologist David Martill.

Several members of the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences, the commercial fossil collectors group, wrote this paper together about the value of commercial fossil dealers to science. It touches on a lot of the things we talked about in this episode, including some of the history behind why you can collect on private land in the US.

This article from the CBC talks about how fossil business affects research, and about how Canadian collection laws affect Canadian museums.

And finally, while most US states don't have specific laws about fossil collections, some do. Alabama, for instance, has fairly lax laws. But, if you find a Basilosaurus cetoides, a kind of fossil whale, you're not allowed to remove it from the state. Apparently it's the Alabama state fossil, and they're pretty particular about that sort of thing.

Music in this episode was composed by Malcolm Rosenthal. Artwork was drawn by Jackie Sojico.