Episode 16: A Brief History Of Space Ice Cream

This week we visit the gift shop and go down the space ice cream rabbit hole. Where did freeze-dried ice cream come from? And why do we eat it?

Not every museum outsources their gift shop to another company - the Smithsonian, for instance, runs their own stores. (Correction: we previously said that The Field Museum also runs their gift store, but it's actually managed by Aramark.) If you're curious, you can see all of the museums Event Network manages on their website. 

Here's Vox's video declaring astronaut ice cream a lie where they talk to Apollo 7 pilot Walt Cunningham and here's Stephen Colbert declaring space ice cream a lie while also attempting to rectify the misnomer. You can see some other examples of early space food at the Smithsonian Air And Space Museum. Also, did you know that regular ice cream is perfectly space-worthy, as long as you can keep it cold on the way up? 

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Music was composed by Malcolm Rosenthal. Artwork was drawn by Jackie Sojico.